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Overcoming my fear: Just do it!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I was never very confident in front of people. Public speaking used to be my nightmare. I always felt so stressed out and scared of having to speak in front of people, even just a few classmates. I would do anything but that.

After graduating from uni, I was so happy I was done with all the group presentations, all the talking in front of big groups. I had put all this behind me.

Guess what, I could not be less wrong. Being a dietitian has led me to speak in front of people many times - I was even lucky to go on TV (that was nerve wrecking but a great experience!).

So yes, now I do it almost every month - sometimes I have to speak in front of 50-100 people 😬. I will admit, I still get stressed but I'm super happy to share my knowledge with people so I just do it.

My advice to you - whatever you're not comfortable with at the moment, just try doing it again and again. Keep going and you'll notice a switch. Just trust the process 😊

Wellness Event organised at Long Beach Hotel, A Sun Resorts by Lindley Zama - where I covered the nutrition part.

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