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Gratitude Practice: Turn what you already have into enough

Hey you, yes YOU - how are you holding up?

I can imagine that things aren't easy. We've faced and are still facing one of the biggest challenges the world has seen. And it's touching each one of us a bit differently.

I wanted to reassure you that it's okay if you feel stressed, fear, confused... It's fine if you feel a mix of emotions right now. You should not judge yourself and you don't need to get rid of any of these sensations that are coming up.

I am encouraging you to take all of these feelings in and to accept them fully. Maybe you can’t see it right nor, but all this will help you grow and make you stronger.

I usually write about nutrition in my blog posts but today I wanted to do something different, I've decided to share with you something that is important to me.

Having a Gratitude Practice