• Anya

Going Keto? Here’s what to know…

Updated: Apr 9

So you’ve decided to go on the Ketogenic diet - Keto diet. 

No more nasty carbs for you! As from now on, you’re going healthy and getting yourself that body you always dreamed of. What a great way to start your health journey? Well… it depends. 


Despite its popularity, research on the long-term benefits of a keto diet is still relatively low. Some researchers are even calling it downright dangerous.

The highest evidence - we currently have - has shown that low-carb diets can reduce your lifespan by up to 5, some say 10 years!

So don’t just join the fad before knowing all the facts first. 

To help you make a decision for your health, I’ve made a short list of some of the main pros and cons of the keto diet. 

The pros: 

1. It will make you eat more natural products 

The Keto diet offers a mouth watering list of foods to pick from (cheese, poultry, red meat, avocados, nuts, olives etc…) and practically none of them are processed foods. And, since it’s so anti-carb, you’re also waving bye bye to flour based processed foods (white bread and roti, I’m looking at you) which when consumed in excess is bad for your health. 

2. Weight Loss 

Most people will see short term weight loss with the Keto diet. Whether it’s a long term solution however, remains to be seen (more on that later). 

3. You’ll eat more vegetables

I’m always the first to say that you should be adding more vegetables to your meals and the Keto diet will have you doing just that.