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Food getting expensive? Let's start growing our own

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s that everything we take for granted can be gone in seconds… Including easy access to food. 

Though we will not reach a stage where we will have to worry about where our next meal will come from, the fleeting moment of doubt we all got on the 24th of March, as well as the impact of the price increase of fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, is something which many of us can avoid. 

Because, the truth is, that for many of us, being partially self sufficient when it comes to food is possible.

So when this crisis ends - and it will end - I believe that it is important that we start looking into alternative ways for us to get the food that we need to lead healthy lives. 

To help you get started on your journey towards self sufficiency, I’m chatting with Aurore Rouzzi, founder of SensiBio on the basics of what it takes to r