• Anya

8 Tips to Create a Yoga Space at Home

Updated: Apr 29

Yoga is about finding inner peace in all circumstances. But sometimes, inner peace can use a little help…

In the forest, on mountain tops, and on the beach… “Insta-yogis” make it clear that yoga can be practised anywhere.

And yet, why is it that when we have to practice at home, we don’t feel quite as inspired?

The truth is that your home can be your very own mountain top, or calming forest. All it takes is a little bit of effort.

Here are some tips to create the perfect space for your yoga practice at home.

1. Tell your family it’s yoga time

Talk to your family about your yoga practice and what it means to you.

It’s ok to put up personal boundaries and give yourself some “me-time” to practice yoga for one hour (or even 30 minutes). So sit your loved ones down and have the talk. Let them know that unless the house is on fire, you don’t want to be disturbed during your practice.

2. Make yourself accountable

You can skip a day of practice every once in a while.

You’re human after all.

But, to avoid 1 day turning into a week, a month or even never, set up a buddy system with someone and make yourself accountable.

Tell that person when you plan to practice yoga, and inform them when you’ve completed your goal.