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Are Boulettes (steamed Dim Sums) healthy?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

“Boulettes” are the dim sums we eat in our beautiful island Mauritius - Usually Niouk Yen and Sao Mai.

Since boulettes are usually steamed, a lot of Mauritians consider them to be a healthy option when eating at a restaurant. But are they really?

Well, let’s run a little experiment. Next time you boil some vegetables at home eg: “chouchou” (chayotte/chokkoeh), ask yourself a simple question “Do they taste anything like dim sums” I’m sure that the answer, is a big NO. Dim sums and boulettes taste much better, right :) ? Well, that’s because they contain much more than vegetables…

The truth about Boulettes

Even though they are steamed and contain some vegetables (more on that later) boulettes are far from being a diet friendly pick next time you eat out.

In fact, what gives them the awesome taste we all love, is a lot of salt, carbohydrates, fat and oil.