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Are Boulettes (steamed Dim Sums) healthy?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

“Boulettes” are the dim sums we eat in our beautiful island Mauritius - Usually Niouk Yen and Sao Mai.

Since boulettes are usually steamed, a lot of Mauritians consider them to be a healthy option when eating at a restaurant. But are they really?

Well, let’s run a little experiment. Next time you boil some vegetables at home eg: “chouchou” (chayotte/chokkoeh), ask yourself a simple question “Do they taste anything like dim sums” I’m sure that the answer, is a big NO. Dim sums and boulettes taste much better, right :) ? Well, that’s because they contain much more than vegetables…

The truth about Boulettes

Even though they are steamed and contain some vegetables (more on that later) boulettes are far from being a diet friendly pick next time you eat out.

In fact, what gives them the awesome taste we all love, is a lot of salt, carbohydrates, fat and oil.

And… they barely contain any vegetables

Remember our little experiment? Well another reason why boulettes taste nothing like the vegetables they’re supposedly made of is… well, that they barely contain any vegetables at all!

Even Niouk yen made with chokkoeh (“boulettes chouchou”) barely have any in them, and usually contain about ⅓ of carbohydrates from cornflour/cornstarch.

The portions are so small, so they’re ok right?

Yes and no… the truth is that it’s entirely up to you. If you eat boulettes in moderation, that’s fine. But, since they’re steamed and come in super small pieces… people tend to eat more of them to compensate (not fine).

But, and there is always a but

I love local food and will keep on eating them…. Just not everyday.

Even if they aren't that healthy when eaten alone, I would never recommend that you stop eating boulettes. All it takes is some moderation to make them part of a healthy diet.

Small tips:

  • Why not reduce or avoid adding sauces, especially soy/fish sauce to your dim sums

  • Add some sautéed vegetables on the side of your meal when eating dim sum. You boost up your fibre intake making you feel full for longer :)

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