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Nutrition should never 
be confusing.

Getting health information should be easy as 1, 2, 3.


Spending hours on the internet but not sure what you should be eating or doing for your health?
Ever felt like nutrition information is just contradictory?

It doesn't have to be this way. 
FITFORME Webinars and Workshops are here to solve this problem.
We believe in offering information based on real scientific facts. That means that
we take our information
only from accredited sources
and we combine it all to make it simple and fun for you to learn.

Monthly Events

A new Webinar or Workshop offered every month online

via zoom.

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Variety of topics

Each session will cover either a new topic or a new aspect of a specific topic.


Evidence-based info

All information provided here is backed up by science and the latest evidence available.


Live Q&A

At the end of the live session, you get the opportunity to ask

your questions.

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Playback available

If you miss the session, you get to view the recording of the session at your convenience for 1 week.

What's on ?

FEB 2022

THURS 24 - 7:30PM

Improving gut health

45 minutes - Rs 300

MAR 2022


Nutrition and Skin Health

45 minutes - Rs 300

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Thank you for your trust!

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