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Hello I’m Anya Benoit, Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist and founder of


While you can find free meal plans online, the chance you'll stick to any of them is close to ZERO.

Why? It’s quite simple, the plan wasn’t specifically designed for you. Each person is DIFFERENT.

At Fitforme, I offer you a tailor-made plan that will suit your goals, your taste, your culture and of course, your wallet.

The Fitforme approach is based on natural, whole foods. No hidden costs, no expensive supplements.

At Fitforme, every service is centered around YOU.

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I am a Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist but above all I am a big fan of food.​

I have studied in Australia for 4 years, with 3 semesters of practice under supervision before coming back to Mauritius in 2015. Since then, I have opened my private practice to share my nutrition knowledge with all of you.


You can find me on RadioOne for “Le Club du Midi” show with Miguel Hermelin on Mondays. I also write nutrition articles for local newspapers and magazines.


I work with various companies organising nutrition activities for their employees and I help with the development of healthier food products.


Being a Dietitian and Nutritionist, people assume I have always been thin and I always had the perfect diet. You couldn’t be further from the truth, I have struggled with food for a very long time.

In 2018, I got certified as a Yoga Instructor (200-hour RYT). From then I have started offering yoga classes as a complementary therapy to help people lead a healthier lifestyle, allowing them to release stress and physical tension.

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